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To see the reviews of ads or extensions,
1) Simply click the “Review” button in your Ad Manager account settings.
2) From there, go to Extensions and click on Reviews.
3) Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the ads you’d like to review.
4) Hover over them and you can see their status. Then click “View Status” to read the full details of each ad. And if you need to, visit your Ads manager to make changes to any ads that need fixing. That way, if an extension or ad doesn’t perform well, someone else can fix it. Or you might want access to a new ad version. Just click ‘Edit‟ next door to an existing ad and select the version you‚ interested in or maybe you prefer to keep the old one around. Either way you change the ad›À‰as needed. Once you finish editing, save your changes and return to Ads.

Other questions related to google ads

How can I check my Google Ads?

Google AdSense is useful for testing your ads against a variety of websites.
1) Just click on an image or video link and you’ll see a preview of the site that was clicked on.
2) If it looks good, you can click Test again to make sure it actually worked. And if you’d like to try a different website, just click Ad Options and select the website you would like tested.
3) Then click Check Website. See how well your new ad performs against the competition.

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How long do Google Ads take to appear?

Google AdWords takes around two business hours to review your ads prior to appearing in your Google News Feed. That’s why it pays to keep your account active and make sure you check your Adwords account regularly. Also, make certain you add the correct keywords to the description of the relevant ad. For example, if you need to add a keyword to describe your product, you must add it to both the product name and the keyword description. Otherwise, Google won’t know what to think about your message. To learn more about how to optimize your site for search, read this article. How to make your own Facebook Wall: Facebook has a special feature called “Wall” that allows you to create a custom wall for yourself. Here’s how: First, log into Facebook and go to “Settings” > “Account”. Then, select the “Customize your page” option.

Are my Google Ads showing?

Use the ad preview and diagnosis tool provided by Google to view where a certain ad shows on a page. You can also use this tool when you are logged in to Google and click on an ad to diagnose which ad is showing. If you do not want to use the diagnostic tool, you will need to click the “Show Google Ad” button on your page to remove the ads. However, this is a quick way of checking whether your ads are showing or not. Also, if your website is using AdSense, make sure that your AdWords account is set up correctly. Otherwise, your Google ads may not show up. Please read the Google Help Center for more information. This only works for ads that are shown on all pages of your site.

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Why is my Google ad not showing?

You might want to check your ad settings to see if they are currently enabled. You can also check the status of your campaign group or campaign to make sure that it hasn’t been deleted.
1) To check whether your ads are showing, go to Ads Settings.
2) Then go back to your account page and click the Ad tab.
3) Click the Settings button to open your Ads settings.
4) On the Ads tab, you will see your current campaign settings, including whether or not your advertisement is showing. This is a great way to ensure that any ads you have are working properly. Make sure to enable any new ads that show up. All of our ads should be showing! If you don’t see any adverts, try clearing your cache and cookies.

How do Google display ads work?

Google displays ads relying on cookie and user data to show ads to users. This relies on using cookies to track users who visit websites. Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent to Google servers when a user visits a website. They are used to hold web traffic information and personal information about users while they are visiting a site. Users can block cookies by visiting the Google Webmaster Tools page. If you don’t want to see ads, you should disable cookies. You can also opt out of Google Display Network by going to your Google account settings. Click on “Ad Preferences” and select “Opt Out”. The following is a list of what Google does with your browsing information.