A lot of people wonder how to manage facebook ads for clients. It’s not as hard as you might think, but it does take some time and effort. This blog share with you my step-by-step guide on how to create a Facebook ad campaign for your client using the Ads Manager Platform.

Keynote takeaways:
1) Use Business Manager to manage Facebook ads for clients, don’t use your personal account.
2) Make sure ad spend is billed directly to the client and not you credit card.
Lean on automation as it will save enormous time with routine tasks like managing creative content that are often forgotten in a busy work day if left unchecked or overdue until they’re due by hours instead of days (or weeks).

Other questions related to manage facebook ads for clients

How do I manage Facebook ads for multiple clients?

Managing multiple accounts on a social media platform is tricky, but there are ways.The first thing you’ll want to do as soon as possible after getting the account set up for your client is make sure you access all of their settings and add them into an “Account Administrator” group so that they can have full control over what’s happening with their own business page without having to get it approved by someone else who may not be savvy enough about how each different post or ad impacts performance in its piecemeal form. This way, when something comes across his desk he knows exactly which button goes where! On occasion though this might still happen – somebody outside of the admin team needs access because maybe they’ve been working

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How do I set up Facebook Business Manager for clients?

1) The first step to setting up Facebook Business Manager for clients is going to business.facebook.com and clicking the “Business” option from your account settings menu on the left-hand side of the screen, then selecting “Settings”.
2) From there you’ll be able to go into a secondary tab labeled “People & Assets” where you can assign specific social media assets that belong exclusively with one person–you could even share them! On this page hover over any asset (or accounts) in which only certain people should have access; once selected click on ‘Ad Account’ or whatever other item they’re sharing so it has their name next to it.

Why can’t I create a new ad account in Facebook Business Manager?

You can’t create a new ad account in Facebook Business Manager if:
1) The business already has an active or inactive advertising account. An advertising account usually needs to be owned by one company only. This means it’s more difficult for you to reach all your customers with targeted ads and offers, so make sure that the first step is having access before starting any campaigns!
2) An Admistrator from another country might have created the page on behalf of their own company without being authorized by yours. In this case, email support@fbbusinessmanager .com about who should manage these accounts going forward (probably not either party).

How can I increase my ad account limit on Facebook?

To do this, go to Business Settings > Click “Business Info” and then look for the Ad Account Creation Limit.

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How many Facebook Business Manager accounts can I have?

Facebook is pretty strict with how many Business Manager accounts you can have. You will only be allowed to create 2, so if your business needs more than this, please talk to someone else in the organization who has not yet created an account and ask them for help!

Why can’t I create more ad accounts?

You might not be aware that you need to make a payment confirmed before your account has an unlimited number of ads. This helps prevent potential abuse and fraud, as all advertisers start with an ad limit until they’ve made their first contribution