If you asked about “how to remove pop up ads on facebook”. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to remove pop up ads on Facebook. Facebook is a free social networking tool, but often it starts to annoy you with ads. How do I remove Facebook pop-up ads? The answer depends on your particular browser’s settings and the type of ad that pops up. There are three general solutions: change these in your browser; delete cookies related to visiting facebook (these can have more than one function); or use an extension like AdBlock Plus which will keep all those annoying advertisements away from view for good.

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it can slow down your phone. Here’s how you turn the app into an offline-usable version:
1) Open up Facebook on your device;
2) Click three lines at bottom right of screen to bring up this pop-up button;
3) Tap Settings > Account settings from popup menu that appears > Browser tab (be sure not to tap “Browser history” if using Safari);
4) Finally, click Clear Data Button

Other questions related to removing pop up ads on Facebook

How do you stop pop up ads on facebook android?

1) You can disable many types of annoying advertisements by going to “Settings” and scrolling down the list.
2) Choose “Account Settings”, then choose Ads, then tap on Ad settings.
3) Under two sections labeled as either “Ads I see” or “Ads others see when they visit my profile”, find what type of ad is bothering you and set it to off!

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How do I block Facebook ads on my Android?

1) First, launch the Facebook application and swipe over to the right-most tab.
2) From there, scroll down to the bottom of your list and choose Account Settings.
3) Now you’ve got two different sections/types of ad that will be disabled for you: Ads at account settings > Ads under “Advertising Preferences”.

How do I stop pop-ups on my Samsung?

Pop-ups can be stopped by turning off the Site Settings and Ads.
1) To turn these settings off, head to Google Chrome’s site setting in your web browser or mobile phone app and then tap “Site Settings.”
2) Scroll down the page until you see a section labeled “Pop ups” where it will ask if you want them enabled for this website only.
3) Toggle that switch so it is not green anymore (turns yellow) which means they are disabled completely instead of just being blocked during certain hours like before when we had to get up every morning at 8:00am because our alarm went off!

Why am I getting pop ups on Facebook?

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook has a new way of informing you about recent activity on posts, and it’s so annoying! Whenever I comment on someone’s post, this alert pops up. And if I’m tagged in the photo or video (a rare occurrence), then they’ll send me another notification as well. It seems like some sort of hack to get people addicted to their notifications again…

Why am I getting pop-ups on my Android phone?

Android phone users are constantly bombarded with pop-up ads. These pesky advertisements have nothing to do with the phone itself, but rather third party apps installed on your device that want you for their next customer! Ads are a way developers make money and the more they display them, the more cash they rake in – so it’s no wonder why these advertisers bombard us Android owners all day long.

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How do I stop all the ads on Facebook?

You can’t completely opt-out of Facebook ads, but you can change your preferences so that you see more relevant ones. For this, go to Settings & Privacy > Data about your activity from partners and turn off “Personalized Ads” under Ad settings in order to stop seeing irrelevant or uninteresting advertisements.