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The pie charts are a great way to show the distribution across genders. They are also easy to read, which makes the information even more useful. You can easily understand the percentage of female and male followers who are following you. This is especially helpful if there are many women and men who follow you, since you will know exactly how many followers are female or male. Another great feature is that the chart shows the total number of followers per gender, so it gives you a better idea of how active your following is. If you want to know how much time your follower spends on your profile, you should also check out the Time spent on Profile section. For more details on how the Pie Chart works, please refer to this article.

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How do I see my followers stats on TikTok?

Go to Your Profile on Tik Tok. Tap on 3 vertical dot in upper left hand corner. You will see Analytics section toward the bottom of account settings screen.tap to get access To your stats and analytics Note: If you don’t see your followers count on your Twitter or Instagram, you might need to sign in to those accounts. If that’s the case, tap the little blue “Follow” button in your Profile Settings screen, click the “See my Followees” link, select “Show me my follower count”, and tap “OK”.

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How many of my TikTok followers are female?

As of February 2020, 56 percent (2,829,743) of all TikTokers are women, while 42 percent are men. This is a significant increase from the previous year when only 34 percent were women and 33 percent men; this is also the first time that female TikTiks account for more than half of total Tiktiks. Female TikTs account significantly more frequently than male TikTTs. There are now over 1.5 million female TIKers who have logged into the app. On the iOS platform, there are 3.3 million male TikToskers, which is almost half the number of female ones. Men account slightly more often than women on both platforms.

Does TikTok know my gender?

How does tiktok determine the gender of users? With tiktok pro, people can see the demographics of their followers, including gender breakdown. However, tiktok never asks users their gender.

How do I see my followers on TikTok Analytics?

Tiktoks knows my sex, however, this is only used for those who are interested in knowing their demographic. TikToks never ask users what their sexual orientation is. This is done by TikToks.io. Only those with tikk.com accounts can know their sexuality. No one else can access this information. If you are curious about your sexuality, you should use your TikToks.co account to learn more. You can also use the TikTok.me account which is similar to TikTok.net.

How do you change your gender on TikTok?

If you are a female, you will need to change the gender of your profile. If this is your first time using the app, make sure you read the instructions carefully. You can change genders on this app by simply clicking on your name in your bio. Once you click on ‘Change gender‘, a new screen will appear where you must select your preferred gender. This is the only way to choose your default gender, which is „M“. As you know, ‚M’ is male.

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Which gender uses TikTok more?

The gender of users who use Tik Tok is roughly 50/50. About half of all Tik Toks users (52%) are men and about half are women (47%). Roughlly 50 % of total Tik Tok users(50%) are under 35 years old. 40% of TikToks usersare aged 10-19. 36 %are 20-24. And 41% were 25+ years. Overall, there are around 2.9 million users across the world.