If you wondered about “How do you put subtitles on a TikTok?”. This article will give you information on put subtitles on a TikTok.

You can add and/or edit subtitles to TikTok videos.
1) You need to click on “add caption” and “edit caption”.
2) The app automatically adds the subtitle to all videos you upload.
3) If you want to change the text, you need only to select the video and click “Edit” to edit the caption.
4) After you’ve edited the title, click the little button next to “save” which will save the changes to both the original video file and your new subtitle file. This feature is available for both English and Chinese subtitles.
5) To access this feature, go to Settings > Video and choose the language you’d like to use. Then click Save. Your subtitle files will be saved in your account’s root folder.

Other questions related to edit captions in Tiktok

What should I Caption my TikTok to go viral?

You don‘t even have do something to deserve a friend who loves you so much. You just simply choose to be with someone who is really special to you and make them feel happy. If you want to make your friend feel better, you should try to do everything possible to help them out. A good friendship is worth nothing without being loved by your friends too. So, if anyone wants to know how to caption your TikTok to get viral, here are few tips: 1. Don“t forget to add your name and hashtag to your video. This will help your followers to find you easily. Also, add a link to this video to share it with your Twitter followers. They might be interested in watching your videos.

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How do I turn on text to speech on TikTok?

1) Once you are done typing in text, you’ll need to tap on any text that appears onscreen to hear it.
2) To do so, press and hold down the spacebar while typing.
3) Once the audio starts playing, release the button. You can also use the microphone to speak the words. For example, if the word “hello” is spoken, this will play the sound of “hi” in English. If you don’t know what “h” sounds like, try saying “hey” or “howdy”. The audio will start playing and you will hear the voice of someone speaking. Tap on either the speaker or the mic icon to mute the playback. Alternatively, click on whichever icon you’d like to turn off the recording.

Why don’t I have the Text-to-speech on TikTok?

As of Jan 2020, TKTOK users in foreign countries are no longer able to access Siri voice recognition. There were many reasons for this, including the fact that TikTokers in other countries do not have access to Siri Voice Recognition. This is because the software that powers the platform is based on Apple’s own technology, which is licensed to other developers. As a result, there are multiple licensing requirements that must be met before the speech recognition feature can work.

How do you do multiple text to speech on TikTok?

You can do text-based text input on any platform using this feature. You don’t need an account to use this.
1) Just type in your text and hit enter.
2) Then you’ll be able to tap on a button to generate an English voice. This is a great way to get your message out without having to worry about being interrupted. However, you will need a microphone to hear the voice clearly. If you’re not sure how to set up a mic, check out our guide to getting a headset.
3) Once you’ve got your audio set, simply click the button again to repeat the action. There are a couple of ways to customize the sound, including adjusting the volume and adjusting pitch. All of these options are available in Settings → Audio.