If you ever ask “how to become a Youtube partner”, this blog post will tell you all about becoming a Youtube partner.

YouTube partners are a type of channel where you get to monetize your channels through ads. These partners allow you access to a wider audience as well as additional revenue streams. They also offer you a platform to showcase your creativity and talent. To become one of these partners, read this blog.

Minimum eligibility criteria to Join Follow All the Youtube monetisation policies. Have more then 4500 valid watch time in last twelve months. Have more over 1 000 subscribers. Have a link Adsense account. The minimum eligible criteria are:

1. Have More than Four Thousand Valid Watch Hours in Last Twelve Months

2. More Than One Hundred Subscribers

3. Have a linked AdSense account.

Other question about becoming a YouTube partner

How many views do you need to be a YouTube partner?

In videos posted to YouTube’s Ad advertiser blog, Google details changes to how the program works, from a 10K lifetime view threshold to 100K subscribers over the last 12 month period. This means that anyone who has a minimum of 10k views per month will be able to become partners on YP.

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How much do YouTube partners make?

YouTube pays around 45 % of its revenue to its partners, who earn between 0.3 and 2.5 CPA ($0-$2). This is a huge amount of money, especially when you consider that YouTube has over 1 billion monthly active users. This means that the company is making a ton of profit every month, even though it only has a small percentage of those users watching the videos.

Do YouTubers get paid monthly?

Most VLoggers get compensated via Direct Deposit monthly. They may receive payments via mail or by wire transfer. If you’re a vlager with Youtube channel outside US, you’ll need to pay via wire Transfer.

How much money does 1 million YouTube views make?

1 Million YouTube Views — Between $ 3, 400 and 40, 000 ( 6 creators ) 1 million view

Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid?

You need 500 subscribers and 4K watch time to earn money on your YouTube channel, based on partner program eligibility. Also, there is a minimum of 4 years of active YouTube membership required to qualify for this program. And you must have a Google ad revenue account to apply for YouTube partner status. If you don‘t yet have one (or have already), you will need access to Google Analytics, Adsense, or some other analytics tool to track your video views. For more information, check out YouTube Partners.

How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube?

With how much revenue a YouTube star makes, he or she can earn anywhere from $1,500 to over $100,00 per video view. For top YouTube stars, this would mean that a single video can bring in over 100, 000 views and a person can get over 10, 500 views per day. This is a huge amount of income for anyone who is able to produce quality content.

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Do YouTubers get paid for likes?

YouTube does NOT get payed for likings. But a Like is an engagement which can bring more viewers to your video. If you are a You Tube vlogger, you probably would like to make money from your videos. You can do this by making money by getting likes and comments.

Who is the highest paid YouTuber?

Who is considered the “highest-paying YouTube star” Worldwide. According to data from the Youku account, Ryan Toys Review earned approximately $29.50 million USD during 2018. This is roughly equal to $4.25 million per day.