If you ever ask “why is Youtube so slow”, this blog post will tell you all about the reason why YouTube so slow.

YouTube isn‘t always fast. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for your video to load. When this happens, it“s important to take note of what”s happening so as to fix the problem. To do that, you must log into your YouTube account and check the status of each video. Once you notice that your download speed is low, go to your settings page and click on “Speed Test” to check your speed. Then, click “OK”. Now, watch your upload speed and try to figure out why it seems slow.

Youtube’s server load is usually very high, especially when you’re streaming videos. If your connection is constantly buffering, you may experience a laggy experience. However, if your internet connection speeds are fast enough, YouTube can still load smoothly. You can check your download speed by using the free tool called Speedtest.net. Another option is to use a proxy server. A proxy is a software program that allows you to connect to a website without having to know the IP address of that website. The proxy will allow you access to websites that you don’t want to see, while still allowing you control over those websites.

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How do you fix slow YouTube?

Open YouTube on Chrome, tap three dots, go to More tools, clear browsing data, open YouTube and tap the four stacked arrows. If your browser is set to open in full screen mode, you may need to tap and hold the icon until the fullscreen option appears. Otherwise, press the down arrow key while the YouTube icon is still selected.

Why is YouTube so slow lately?

YouTube is very slow recently because of these reasons:

  1. Overloaded server
  2. Internet router issues
  3. Browser caching
  4. Ip range problems.

Why is YouTube so slow even though you have fast internet?

YouTube is slow because the servers are overloaded. The servers need more bandwidth than they’re getting. If you have a fast connection, you’ll probably see a few seconds of video playback time before the video starts to load. On slow connections, YouTube will play the entire video in less than a second. You can try using a proxy server to speed up your connection; however, this isn’t recommended unless you know what you’re doing.

How can you make YouTube run faster?

You can make Youtube run fast by tapping the Video icon once and tapping Play Back Speed option. You may also select the playback speed while viewing a YouTube video, which will speed up the loading time of your videos. If you want to speed things up even more, you may tap Video Speed and the number of frames you would like to load per second. Tap the Play button to begin playback.

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How can you speed up YouTube buffering?

Increase Your Internet Speed by… Block ip Address used By CDNs. Block youtube DNS. Use youtube.com DNS servers. YouTube DNS Accelerators. Speed Bit Video Acelerators. Clear cache data. Increase cache size for flash player. Change video quality on youtube.

Are YouTube servers slow?

YouTube‘s servers may be under high strain because of heavy traffic, or because your internet connection is slow. If you“re experiencing a slow connection, you may want to try switching to a faster connection or changing your ISP. Your ISP may offer a speed boost, so if your connection isn”t fast enough, try using the fastest connection available. Or, if all else fails, consider getting a new router. You can find a list of recommended routers here. For a quicker connection when you need to stream videos, there are many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. To watch your favorite shows and movies, download a free app like Vudu or iTunes Movies & TV to keep your library organized and accessible.

How make videos load faster?

What happens when you shut down all the programs and close out all those browser window? You’ll see a loading bar appear on your screen. When the loading bars appear, you should try to minimize them to speed up the whole process. If you don’t, your video will take a long time to play. So, if there are too many programs running, try closing them off. Also, move closer towards your router. You can do this by moving your mouse over the network icon. Then, click on “Open a Network Connection”.