Some people change their relationship status on Facebook to reflect a break-up or divorce. Others do it for other reasons, like when they are in love with someone new. If you want to know how to change your relationship status on Facebook, this article will give you the answer!

Status updates are a big deal in today’s world. You can share your current relationship status with the click of an icon, and everyone will know how you’re feeling about that other person! But what if Facebook isn’t enough to express yourself? What do I need to change my relationship status on facebook? Luckily this is easy – just follow these three steps:
1) Click your profile picture at the top-right corner
2) Scroll down until you see “About”
3) Select Family & Relationships
4) Choose who you want it shared with 5
5) And save changes by clicking ‘Save’.

Other questions related to Facebook relationship

Can you change your relationship status on Facebook privately? You can.

1) First, go to the “About” section on your timeline and scroll down to the “Relationship” section where you will find a small box with two dropdown boxes in it: one is called Relationship Status; while another is Privacy Settings.
2) Change whichever ones are necessary for how private or public this new post should be until they fit what’s needed–this may include changing who sees it from Public (everyone) to Only Me so that no friends see an update about something as personal as being single again!

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How do I change my relationship status on Facebook without posting it?

1) First, go to where you would change your relationship status.
2) Underneath that is a privacy setting; select “only me.” Your new private profile will be hidden from all of your friends and only yourself!

Does Facebook notify the other person when you change your relationship status?

Facebook is the most popular social media site that allows you to connect with family, friends and people from your past. You can share pictures or articles in a way where they are easily seen by all of these groups at once; this has made Facebook very useful for both individuals as well as organizations such as companies who want to promote themselves on their own page. One thing that makes it hard sometimes though is when someone decides to change his/her relationship status because not everyone may be aware of what happened if there was no notification sent out about it!

Can you hide relationship status from one person?

NO, but there is a way to block certain people on your Facebook friend list. If the option for sharing with “public” or “friends” isn’t right for you and just want it between yourself then go into account settings where there’s an opportunity to make adjustments accordingly.

What happens if one person changes their relationship status on Facebook?

You might have wondered this before, but it is easy to answer. If you are single and want to keep that status private, then changing your Relationship Status from Single or Divorced won’t do anything other than make the information invisible for people who can see only your relationships with them. However, if you decide to go public about all of those singleness shenanigans by updating Relationship Status as In a Relationship (and everyone else has access), anyone who sees News Feeds in their timeline will know how available you are dating-wise!

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Why would someone hide their relationship status on Facebook?

People hide their relationship status on Facebook for all sorts of reasons. For some, they are seeking the attention and affection from those in the opposite sex who may be looking to get into a new relationship themselves or because it is simply not something that people want broadcasted across social media sites like Facebook. Others might enjoy being able to keep things private when so many other aspects of life now have no privacy at all – even though this can potentially backfire if someone believes you’re single just by checking your profile page!

How can I see someones hidden relationship status on Facebook?

How do you check someone’s relationship status if it is private and they won’t tell me. You don’t have to know their password, but there are a few apps or websites that will let you view the person’s profile without them knowing about your snooping!

When should you change your Facebook relationship status?

Some say this is a personal decision, but the sooner people move from “friends” to “in an intimate relationship,” or vice versa, they are more likely to do it on social media. People in their teens and early twenties will typically update within weeks of meeting someone new whereas adults looking for lasting relationships will wait months before updating theirs.

Should you put your relationship status on Facebook?

Facebook is not the place to post that you’re in a relationship with someone after only three weeks. It’s either way too early or it looks like you have something to prove, and people will find out whether they want their friends knowing about your status as being single or dating somebody else.

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