Instagram is a social media site that allows you to post photos and videos, as well as like or comment on other people’s posts. One of the most important features of Instagram is that it allows users to comment on a photo or video. You can delete comments from your own account by tapping the “…” button next to the comment, then selecting “remove.” This will remove the comment from your photo permanently. If you want more information about how to delete comments on instagram, read our blog post here!

Take these easy steps to delete your own Instagram comment.
1) First, open the app and navigate to where you left a post with comments that need deleting.
2) Next, swipe on the offending comment away from it in one swift motion like so ~~ (picture of hands swiping).
3) Lastly, press ‘delete’ or tap an icon resembling two red circles overlapping each other; this will get rid of any evidence of what was said!

Other questions related to delete comments on Instagram

Why can’t I delete comments on Instagram?

I’m having serious trouble deleting a comment. It always says, “Your comment couldn’t be deleted.” But every time it’s the same message– that my system has already deleted this post but you are still seeing an old version of the page. This is really frustrating because there doesn’t seem to be any way around it! Please help ASAP before more people leave negative feedback about your company in their posts and don’t even realize they’re not talking to real customers when trying reach out for customer service with these issues .

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Can I delete my comment on someone else’s post?

Did you make a mistake and want to erase the evidence of your wrongdoings all over the internet? Well, just as we can remove our posts with one click, so too can we get rid of others’ comments! Find whichever post is best suited for removal before clicking that pesky little icon. You may need to scroll around a bit in order to find it—you’re looking for three dots stacked together. Hovering over this will give you an option: “delete” or “view.” Click away at those annoying (or helpful) remarks until they are gone from sight!

Can you delete other people’s comments on Instagram?

If I post a photo, can I remove the responses from strangers who have left them for me to see? You’re in luck! On your own posts, you can both include and erase any comment that has been posted. But if it is not yours but someone else’s profile – be careful: only deleting what YOU wrote with or without consent of the author will work. Tap below the post or tap any comment that needs erasing (iPhone) then swipe over each one as they appear before tapping DELETE ALL at last bottom corner. Luckily this doesn’t apply when commenting on others’ profiles because there are even more stringent rules about how much access we get into their account.

Why can’t I edit my comment on Instagram?

Don’t you hate when your phone crashes and all of the comments for that photo disappear with it, only to be left as a blank space in the comments bar. Well, if this has happened to you before then there is some good news! You don’t have to write out a whole new post because now we know how to fix our mistakes – just delete/rewrite them! When scrolling through posts on your profile page, click anywhere inside of one’s photos (not “post”). This will open up each photo into its own screen showing any accompanying text or images surrounding it.

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Can you get back deleted comments on Instagram?

Unfortunately, once a comment is deleted it cannot be recovered. There are safety precautions to take when dealing with social media sites like Instagram and Facebook but even these do not work all the time as they can’t guarantee 100% protection from hackers or other malicious activities such as illegal account accesses.

When you delete a comment on Instagram does it delete the replies?

No, unfortunately for all of the thirsty followers who want more than just screenshots or memes. The comments disappear in seconds but your thirst will last centuries with no reply as if they were never posted at all.

When you delete your comment on Instagram, does it notify the person?

They will only get notified if they commented back to you. If they never replied or noticed that their post was being discussed by other users, then there’s no way for them to know whether someone deleted a message without even notifying them of its deletion!

How do you hide a specific comment on Instagram?

If you want to filter out certain comments from your Instagram posts, there are a few ways.
1) You can tap on the profile picture in the bottom right corner of an account when viewing it and then scrolling down until “Settings” is seen which will lead to privacy settings for that user where you’ll find comment settings listed as well.
2) Under Privacy Settings, scroll past Photos & Videos so that Comments becomes visible at about halfway through this menu or section heading options- under this category’s subheading titled “Hide Offensive Comments.”
3) To turn off hiding offensive comments all together (without having to change each individual post), simply slide next to Hide Offensive Comments before tapping Save changes just below these two buttons and finally hitting Done button at top leftmost part of screen.