It can be hard to know how to edit Instagram comments, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. With just a few quick steps and a little bit of time, you’ll have the perfect comment that will show off your personality and make people want to reply!

1) Once you post a comment, it can be edited later.
2) Tap the three dots icon on your article and tap Edit to fix any typos or add more information about where you were when writing this awesome piece of content!

Other questions related to editing Instagram comments

Can you edit an Instagram comment after posting?

Nope, not unless you want to delete it and rewrite it. Once a comment is posted on your photo in the app, swipe down until there’s a little button that says “comment”. Clicking this will bring up every post from yours with comments – if one of them has been written by you then at the bottom left-hand side corner of each screen there should be two buttons: Reply/Edit Comment.

How do I delete a comment I made on Instagram?

You can easily delete these types of things. Here’s how:
1) Tap the ‘Comment’ button under a photo, then tap an individual comment from either category to see all relevant information about it.
2) Touch “Delete” at top-right corner if you want this one deleted in particular. You should also be able touch notifications for new activity such as messages, friend requests, birthdays and other events appearing below each post – just swipe left to reveal them!

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Can you delete someone’s comment on Instagram?

The best way to delete a comment on Instagram is by tapping the Comments icon (speech bubble) when viewing an individual post. From there, locate and tap your desired comment’s Trash Can button in order to remove it from existence.

What happens when you delete a comment on Instagram?

When you delete a comment on Instagram, it simply disappears. But here’s the catch: no one else will know that your comment has disappeared unless they go back and look for it!

Why can’t I delete my comment on Instagram?

One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is that you can’t delete posts, including comments. Luckily for me and everyone else who has this issue, there’s a solution to it! You’re probably wondering how I did it or what my secret trick was. All I had to do was go into your profile settings on mobile and scroll down until you see Comments & Likes in the bottom right corner where other setting are located (see image). In order to prevent yourself from deleting every comment one by one ever again all you have to do is select “Don’t show post replies” so if someone leaves an annoying comment they won’t be able access their account anymore because we will assume they’re spamming our accounts when really its just some person

Will someone know if I delete their comment on Instagram?

If you’re paranoid that someone will know if and when you delete their comment on Instagram, fear not because the app doesn’t notify them.

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Can someone see if you delete their comment?

The best way to erase a negative comment on Facebook is by deleting it. Once deleted, the user will no longer be able to see it and there won’t be any notification of its erasure either!

How do you delete a comment on Instagram without them knowing?

If you are feeling bold and just want to delete the comment without them knowing, Android users need to tap & hold the comment while iPhone users have a few more steps. You can swipe left over any comments under the post or find one by tapping on either icon at bottom of screen which will open up all other posts with that person’s name in it. Tap on their profile then scroll down until you see “comments.” Find your offending remark from there!

How to copy Instagram comment?

The question of how to copy an Instagram comment has been a big one. Fortunately, there are many different ways for you to easily and instantly get the desired caption or comment! Just follow these steps:
1) Open up your favorite browser app on your phone (iTunes/Safari).
2) Copy this URL into the url bar that appears at either top in Safari or bottom right in iTunes–the link should be copied automatically.
3) Tap “Return” key until it is pasted where needed.
4) Highlight text with mouse cursor using left-click button then click Ctrl+C keys simultaneously
5.) Right Click within highlighted area > Select Text Selection Tool
6.) Drag selection over words and phrases.

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Why can’t I copy an Instagram comment?

What a hassle! It’s hard to make sense of why you can’t copy an Instagram comment. But, it turns out not all is lost because there are other ways for us as users to get around this issue without much work and effort on our part. First off, try highlighting the text that you want copied before tapping “Copy” so when we’re done editing what we’ve already typed in with Tap Back button – which will then take us back one step from where we were at originally after typing up our message or caption-we’ll be able to easily paste into any field later on if need be.” Sounds too complicated? I don’t blame ya! The best way by far would just have been copying said text first thing.

How do you translate a comment on Instagram?

When you receive comments on your posts, it can be a challenge to respond in the appropriate tone of voice. You may not speak their language and if they are posting from another country then most likely won’t know what that means for them when you say “Hi!” versus “Hello there!” But now with Instagram’s new translation feature – all translatable text is automatically translated into any other languages so foreign commenters will never have trouble understanding how we’re responding back at them. Just hover over the comment next to an image or video post, click on ‘See Translation,’ and see your post caption as well as featured comments instantly translate right before your eyes – no need for clumsy Google Translate anymore!