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1) You can add a new account by using the phone, email, or both.
2) Tap “me” next to your name in order to open the app.
3) Then tap the “add” icon at upper right.

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Can you have two accounts on TikTok?

Now, luckily, there are more accounts than ever before. However, this is only possible with the help of third party apps, which are available for free. For example, a user can create a second account using the same account information (username, password, etc.) as their main account, or they can use a third app to create multiple accounts. If you don’t want to use any of these apps to manage your TikTok accounts, here are some tips to help you get started. First, make sure that your account name is unique. Second, add a password to your profile. Third, use the “Get Started” button to sign up for your new account when you first log in.

How many TikTok accounts can you have?

Fortunately, you are able to have multiple accounts (Tik Tok) on your phone. All all you need to know is to go back to your device and go to Settings > Accounts > Add New Account. You can add as many accounts as wanted on this screen. Once you click on Add, there will be a confirmation screen which will ask you to confirm whether you want to accept the account. If you accept, your account will automatically be added to this list. This is a great way to get your Tik Tok accounts without having to worry about losing them.

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Why can’t I make a new TikTok account?

You got ‘Not eligible’ for TikTok because your date/birth year is below the minimum age requirement. To create a Tik Tok account, please select a valid date range. You can also click here to go to your profile page. Once you are logged in, your account will be created automatically. Please note that if your birthday is before the current year, there is no way to save your Tik Tok account! In order to register a user, we need to know the following information: Your current age If you have selected the date when you were born, this is the year you would like to be registered. For example, if someone was born in 1819, their birth year would be 1820.

Can you have 2 TikTok accounts with the same phone number?

You can have two TikTok accounts (with the exact same info) with exactly the identical information, which means you don’t need to create a second account to access the content. You’ll need both accounts to view the videos, however. This is a quick way to get started with Tik Tok. To create multiple accounts, follow these steps:
1. Log in to both Tik Tok apps. If you already have an active TikTiok account, you should see a message asking if this is your first time logging in. Click Yes if prompted. Your account should now be active.
2. Now click the “Add Account” button.
3. Enter your login information and select the option to “Create a New Account.”
4. Select either the first or second option depending on which account you want to use.

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What age is eligible for TikTok?

13 year olds In order to be able to download Tik Tok, users need to have reached the age of 13. There is no age limit for using TikTok. However, there are some restrictions that apply to Tik Takio. For example, you cannot use TikTiTk without a parent or guardian present. You must be accompanied by a guardian who has the right to approve your use.