Do you find yourself following people on twitter who don’t follow back? It might be time to unfollow some of those uninterested followers. As simple as it sounds, the act of unfollowing someone can have a positive effect on your mood and mindset.

To unfollow from a Tweet
1)Navigate to the account you’d like to stop following.
2)Tap on their name and tap Unfollow next, or just turn off notifications for that user in your Feeds settings.

Other questions about unfollowing on Twitter you can find below:

Why can’t you unfollow someone on Twitter?

You are not the only person who has had this issue. Click Unfollow and the account will be removed from your following list. If it doesn’t turn red or click, refresh the page and try again, or click their name to visit their profile page so you could actually remove them as a follower in order for Twitter’s features to work properly

Is there an unfollow all button on Twitter?

Twitter Unfollow All provides a simple, elegant solution for when you want to take Twitter break.
Twitter offers an easy way out of the dreaded “Who to Follow” box: The unfollow all button clears up your feed and lets you start fresh with only people who are worth following from now on! Or if this is just a temporary reprieve for your sanity, it’s also possible that using the same button will give back time by not being in touch at all during those precious moments where you’re offline or asleep.

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How do you make someone unfollow you on Twitter?

It’s actually pretty easy to block a follower. Just go into your profile settings and select the option for “Protect my Tweets.” Once that is done, just follow the rest of these steps:
1) Go to their page
2) Click Block
3) You’re now officially free from them!

How do you unfollow Unfollowers on Twitter?

Free Twitter unfollow tool for following the users who don’t follow me back: Circleboom. Save (Circleboom) or CrowdFire, formerly known as “JustUnfollow.” ManageFlitter is a favorite Twitter follower app to see and manage people not following you back. Tweepi Geeky Flush helps find those pesky weird accounts that are still being followed by you!

Will someone know if you unfollow them on Twitter?

Yes. You can unfollow people at any time, and there is no notification when you do so with the account that you are following. If you have requested to follow an individual whose Tweets are protected (meaning they will only be seen by those who request access) then change your mind about it in a few days or weeks after requesting to follow them, cancel your request within ____ hours of having made it as soon as possible for best results – meaning before their Tweet goes public! This way nobody but themselves knows that they were followed until now-a day later than originally intended-and both parties remain anonymous.

How do you unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you on Twitter?

If you want to get rid of your unresponsive friends on Twitter, just click the “Circle” and choose “Not following back.” It will ask for an account name or email address; after that it lists everyone in your followers list but doesn’t follow yours back as well! You can then decide which ones are worth keeping by clicking their profile button (the red one) before they unfollow you too.

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How many can you unfollow on Twitter per day?

Twitter publishes no daily limits to how many people you follow, or the amount of actions your account performs in one day. However, it does have restrictions against following too quickly and having more than 1000 accounts followed at once. This means that while there are technically no limitations for removing followers a person follows in 24 hours, very few will be able to do so without attracting attention from an algorithm designed with follower churn prevention as its main objective.

Who has unfollowed you on Twitter?

If you want to see who’s been following your tweets with less interest, use the “Recent Unfollowers” view mode. Just select it from the top of any screen and a list will pop up that displays people who have recently decided they’re no longer interested in what you’ve got going on. It’ll show their names as well so be sure not to get too caught up in this depressing notion or else chances are one day soon someone might find out about how bummed you were when whoever-it-was stopped being into them!