Instagram is a great place to show off your snaps and share the moments that make up your life, but sometimes you might find yourself needing to mute someone. We’ll teach you how to unmute someone on Instagram so you can enjoy their posts again.

To mute or unmute someone
1) Tap the chat with them.
2) Tap their name and then either “Mute Messages” or “Mute Call Notifications”.

Other questions related to unmute button on Instagram

Where is the unmute button on Instagram?

There is an unmute button on Instagram that will allow you to stop muting someone. Follow these steps in order:
1) Go to the profile of the user you wish to un-mute
2) Tap “Following” and then tap MUTE, which displays at the botom left corner for both Posts & Stories options. 3) If only one option needs turning off, toggle it OFF with a swipe from right side (posts or stories). 4)) Once complete tapping Muting again changes back into Following!

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How do I unmute a friend?

In order to take your Facebook friendship back from silence, hover over the pencil icon that appears when you’re scrolling down on “News Feed” in left side of my homepage. Click edit settings and select which person you want to un-mute. Once done click save!

How do you unmute someone on Instagram in 2021 there is no longer an unmute button on their profile from the three dots?

There is no longer an unmute button on their profile from the three dots.
1) Go to their profile and there should be a button that says Following, one that says Message, and another one called Posts.
2) Clicking onto Followings will bring up options for you to either unfollow them or mute/unmuting the person’s story & posts

How can you tell if someone muted you on Instagram?

When someone mutes you, they’ll still follow you but won’t get messages from your IG account. This means that the person who muted has no idea what’s going on with their feed and misses out of a lot of content. As if it weren’t enough to miss out here are some other ways in which muting can be bad for both parties: it doesn’t give followers an opportunity to comment or like posts, meaning there might not be any evidence at all that this is happening; people have less opportunities as well because they don’t know when these new posts come up so quickly since they’re only seeing one side of things (yours) without getting anything else.

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Can someone still see my story if I mute them?

You can mute someone on Instagram to ensure that you don’t see their stories, but they’ll still be able to view yours.

How do you unmute someone on Instagram on Iphone?

It’s different from unfollowing them and muting their profile. To unmute somebody’s story, tap the username of that person’s feed post or search for a user to go to his/her individual page. Tap MUTE next to STORIES below their bio in order mute stories only instead of also following him/she.

How do you unmute someone on Instagram on a laptop?

1) Locate the video they’ve posted.
2) Right click and choose “unmute” to turn up their volume!

What happens if you mute everyone on Instagram?

Instagram has let users mute Stories for a while (though it’s not an obvious feature), but in May 2018 they also added the option to “mute” individual posts from appearing in their feed. If you decide that one of your frequent followers is just too much, or want some peace and quiet during the holiday season next year, this new tool could come handy! You’re still following them-you’ll be notified when they post again-,but now can only see what appears on their profile page until unmuted

Is there a way to mute all stories on Instagram?

Well, now there’s a way! All you have to do is tap the ellipsis button (“…”) in top-right corner of any post and then choose “Mute.” Now that my feed has become much more peaceful, I can finally enjoy scrolling through without being annoyed.

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How do I mute or unmute someone’s Instagram story?

1) At the top of feed, tap and hold on to a person’s profile picture until their story starts playing.
2) Tap again and you can either choose “Mute” or press play for your viewing pleasure!.

Is there a limit to how many people you can block on Instagram?

In the “Mute Users” section, input 0 – for no limits.

Is restrict the same as mute on Instagram?

When you mute someone on Instagram, their comments are hidden from your feed and they cannot comment again. Restricted mode is a little different in that it lets you screen potential posts before the go live to all of your followers.

What does muting a DM on Instagram do?

You can ignore messages from people you don’t want to talk to by muting them. You’ll still get notifications, but when the person tries talking with you on Instagram again they won’t know if their message has been read or not! It’s easy- all it takes is a tap of your finger and that pesky chatter will be silenced.