Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to post pictures and videos in order to share them with their followers. It’s an app for smartphones or tablets, which are easy to download on iTunes or Google Play. This article will explain how you can repost something on Instagram.
Instagram requires the user to log into the account they want to use and then it’s as simple as clicking “post photo” and uploading the photo from your camera roll! From there you can add captions, tags, location, etc., before hitting send! Keep reading below for more information about this topic.

Here’s how to do it:
Repost a photo or video from Instagram by downloading the post and following these steps!
1) Open your app, find what you’d like to repost, press “share URL,” paste that link into DownloadGram (it will give you an option for whichever social media platform is most similar), download the picture/video on your device.
2) Next tap on Edit > Add Caption> Share Original Photo with Reposter as caption if sharing via IG Direct Message; otherwise share it publicly.

Other questions related to repost on Instagram

How do you share someone’s post on Instagram?

This is a very straightforward process.
1) In Feed, tap below the photo or video to bring up options for adding posts and videos to your Story (or other people’s Stories).
2) Tap Add Post/Video To Your Story at the bottom of this list. Now choose Share next to “Your story.”
3) Fill in who you want it shared with by tapping Send To followed by selecting friends from your contacts list OR select Public so anyone can see! You’re done!

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How do you turn on reshare on Instagram?

In order to turn on reshare, you’ll need to tap “gear” in your profile. From there, scroll down and find the section labeled “Allow Others To Reshare”. If this slider is turned blue (and it’s currently enabled), people are able to share your posts or photos with their followers – these can be of anything from selfies at a party last weekend that got tons of likes because they were taken by someone more serious about photography than just documenting what happened for memories sake! However if you don’t want anyone else sharing your content then make sure the slider isn’t set as an option so only YOU have access when posting online.”

Does Instagram allow reposting?

Reposting has been around for years, but the latest trend is repurposing old content. With Instagram’s new update to allow users scroll past people so that they don’t have to wait by their phone all day waiting for a notification of what someone else did recently, many brands and influencers are instead choosing revamping older posts or doing live streams on other platforms rather than posting immediately on social media channels like Snapchat in order get more views from followers who aren’t as active. However this means that you can no longer pause your life just because there was an event happening right now – it might not be at top priority anymore!

What should I say when I repost on Instagram?

If you want to repost an image on Instagram, make sure that you credit the original account in your caption. You can use “Credit: @username” or work their handle into a sentence like “Love this photo by @username.”

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Can you share someone else’s Instagram story?

Share your favorite Instagram Story with me!
It is easy to share someone else’s story on social media- simply open up the app and tag them in a notification. Then, tap “Add To Story” then select “Send”.

Why can’t I repost on Instagram?

You might be out of luck. Why don’t you try updating your app first and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, do an internet search for “why can’t I post to my own account?” That will give you some options!

Do you need permission to post a picture of someone on Instagram?

You can now share your live video to Instagram Stories.
Starting today, we’re introducing the option to share a replay of your live video on Instagram Stories. Now more of you friends and followers can catch up on what they missed! When it ends, tap “Share” at the bottom of screen and add it for 24 hours only so people who miss out will be able to see later!