Instagram is a social media platform that has been growing in popularity. With over 300 million people using it every day, the app can be difficult to navigate without following someone else’s suggestions of what to follow. For those who have no idea how to delete their search history on Instagram, this article will help you out!

You might want to clear your Instagram search history if you’re trying to keep certain information private. It’s super easy:
1) just tap on the profile picture in the bottom right and then go into “Settings.”
2) Next, scroll way down until you see “Security,” which will open up a new menu with three options:”Clear Search History (iPhone) or Clear Search History (Android).” Tap it!

Other questions related to delete history on Instagram

How do you clear your Instagram search history?

1) The first step is to go into the settings of your profile.
2) From there, find “Privacy and Security” in order to view all data on your account which includes a full list of searches that have been made from this point forward. You will then be able to access an option for clearing these previous searches by clicking it and confirming with a simple click or tap: done!

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How do I clear my Instagram cache?

It’s easy to wipe your phone of all that sneaky seach data! Just tap on the ‘Security’ tab, then click either “Clear All” or “Search History.” For iPhone users you’ll need to go into Settings and choose Clear Search History.

How do you delete first letter search on Instagram?

This can be done by going to the top right of the screen and selecting settings.
1) Scroll down all the way at the bottom where it says “clear search history.” You will see a button that reads log out next to these words, click this!
2) Now go back into instagram’s home page or profile section. And there should now be an empty space for searching on Instagram again- congratulations!

Can anyone see your Instagram search history?

And is there any way to keep it private? Yes, but only if you’re willing to work for it. Head over the Explore tab on the app and scroll down until you reach “Search”. The list of recent searches will show up- just tap Clear History in order to delete all tracks (that go back as far as one year) from this section. Beware: clicking Delete All Searches deletes everything else stored under that username across all platforms!

How do I delete my link history on Instagram?

Well, wonder no more! Follow these steps below:
1) Click the app icon in your Editor called “Instagram Feed”.
2) Next click Settings. From there select Manage Links and find posts that are relevant.
3) Once found use Show More underneath them so they then show up at bottom of screen with a Delete option next to it–if this button is not present just follow instructions as if it were which will remove from feed entirely any time soon after taking place; now all you have left is clicking Yes,Delete when given an opportunity by question box system popping-up before deletion process begins.

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How do you delete top searches on Instagram 2021?

1) Open the link app in your Editor. Click Settings > Manage Links, and then select the relevant post that you would like to delete from view on your feed.
2) Next click Show More icon next to this post’s screenshot which is just below it in a blue bar found at the bottom of each photo or video preview.
3) Once clicked, there should be an option deletable called “Delete” with Yes/No buttons shown underneath a menu button for Clear History (found also under settings).
4) Scroll down until you find Delete!

How do I stop my Instagram from showing up in search?

To stop an account from showin your recommendations—Instagram might know what you like but not anyone else needs to! —click the search bar, and then click on the account. You’ll get a pop-up option called “Hide.”

What would happen if I cleared my cache on Instagram?

Many people are worried that clearing data for Instagram and Facebook apps will delete their accounts. However, this is not true. You’ll only be logged out of your account from these apps by clearing data because the information saved in them is stored online rather than on your phone.