It can be hard to find people on twitter. You might not know how to use the search feature, or even where it is located. But there are some tricks that you can use to make this easier and more efficient for yourself. Let’s jump right in!

To find contacts on Twitter, you can follow these steps:
1) Tap the navigation menu icon or your profile icon.
2) Then under Discoverability and Contacts, tap ‘Discoverability and Contacts’, followed by “Sync Address Book” to see accounts of those in your address book who are already using social media site Twitter.

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How do you find who someone is on Twitter?

On a computer, go to Settings/Find Friends. There will be a list of all the contacts that have been imported into your account. Twitter decided not to put links for their profile but if you know they are one person in particular it should show up because there’s only ONE way this can happen!

Can people find your Twitter through contacts?

If someone has your email address or phone number in their contacts, they may be able to select it as a suggestion when adding other people’s information. This could happen if you are the person who created those contact details and uploaded them before hand- but otherwise not unless that person includes both of these pieces of identifying data into one file for upload purposes.

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Why can’t you see your contacts on Twitter?

This is a common problem for those new to the platform, but it’s actually really easy and takes less than two minutes!
1) Tap your profile icon in the top menu then navigate over to Settings and Privacy where you’ll find Sync Address Book Contacts
2) Tap that after which all of your device’s contact will show up as well as future updates when they occur via Twitter. This also alleviates any worry about data from syncing with linked accounts like Facebook or Google whenever necessary because everything gets stored safely offline without fear of being shared externally by accident – not even within this app itself!

Can you search Twitter by phone number?

How to find someone on Twitter by phone number.
Step 1: Open your Twitter mobile app.
Step 2: There, tap the “Settings and privacy” section, then scroll down until you see “Discoverability” and activate it with a toggle (turns green).  If there are no other options available under that heading, go back up one screen at step three below where we’ll cover how to sync an address book or contacts list on our device for later use in this tutorial. If you can’t seem to get any of these steps working via voice commands like we are doing here today – don’t worry! You should still be able step through them manually if needed instead of relying exclusively upon

How can you contact someone at Twitter?

The Direct Message option on Twitter for Android is a great way to have private conversations with people. This includes uploading videos, photos and GIFs straight from your phone! Once you’re ready, tap the message icon in order to create a new DM conversation thread. From there:
Tap the envelope icon (or swipe right) if you want to send an individual message or Tap the @username button instead of typing their name(s) directly into your text box when sending messages as well as broadcasting them publicly so they can be seen by everyone who follows that person’s account at twitter – this one-way system cuts out any risk of someone accidentally seeing sensitive information without permission

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How do you bypass Twitter phone number?

Bypass the Twitter Phone Verification with your Google Voice account!
To use Google Voice on your smartphone or tablet, link its phone number to a new account. Then, go back into Twitter and enter that local number in as well for verification purposes. Your identity will be confirmed by having both numbers linked together securely through services like text messaging from one device to another.

Why is twitter asking for your phone number?

Twitter is asking for more and more information from its users, like your email address or a mobile device’s unique identifier. You can refuse to give them this data, but they might just lock you out of the account if it deems you as spammer. When an account is marked with being a “bot,” Twitter will ask that user provide their phone number in order to unlock and get back into their account again–and these requests are irreversible!

How do you find your contacts on Twitter app?

Twitter has always been a hotbed for social media discussion. From the latest celebrity gossip to the most serious of political discourse, Twitter is where it’s at and you need great contacts to make your conversations both interesting and insightful.
To find them on iPhone or Android:
1) From inside the app tap “Settings” in top left corner
2) Then select Privacy & Safety from menu that pops up under profile logo (if using iPad/Android Tablet) OR Settings -> Privacy & safety if not using an iOS device
3) Scroll down and tap “Discoverability and contacts.”

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How do you turn on sync for contacts?

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Setting app. Once you get to Settings tap Accounts and Sync tab then Google Account Services Google Contacts-Sync. Tap Synchronization auto backup & device contact options make sure that “Back up my Device” is turned ON (green). Select what account you would like saved onto this phone by scrolling down in order of preference: Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail Other… You will have another option called Automatically backup&sync devices with chosen accounts(even if not connected) – select it so all your data gets backed up just incase anything happens to this mobile device where otherwise none of these important data would be restored