It’s not uncommon for people to unfollow others on social media platforms. It can happen for many reasons, such as the person being too negative or just not interesting enough. However, sometimes you don’t want to unfollow someone because they are a family member or close friend but would still like them to stop following you.

How to make someone unfollow you on Twitter: follow these simple steps. 1)the person must be following your account and have opted-in for notifications from you.
2)Select “Protect my Tweets” under “Security and Privacy Settings”.
3)Then go to their profile page where it lists all of the users they are currently following (you should also see a list there).
4)Click Block next to any user that is listed as one of those people followed by this unwanted follower. If desired, unblock them afterwards if not especially necessary!
However after completing either step 2 or 3, remember again how important it is firstly lock down tweets with Protect My Tweets before making yours public again at will–as otherwise anyone can opt in for notification

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How do you take someone off your Twitter?

Instructions apply to the Android or iOS app, and any tweets accessed through a web browser. …What you need to know:
1)Go into Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety. For anyone that’s been stalking your feed, go onto their account page in order for them not be able to bother you anymore!
2)Simply look under “Block,” click it once they’ve loaded up their profile so there are three dots next to Block at the bottom of this menu – then push down with one finger until all of them turn grey (that means they’re blocked).

How do you stop someone from seeing your Tweets without blocking them?

If you wish to protect your privacy, consider setting up the Protect My Tweets feature. When set in this way, only those who ask can follow and view what is tweeted.

How do you delete inactive Twitter followers?

The best way to delete inactive twitter followers is by using and following these simple steps:
1) Go to the website, login with your Twitter account, then click on “Manage” > “Unfollow.”
2)At the top of this page you will see a list of people who have not tweeted in years or even at all! Selecting them one-by-one manually can be time consuming so batch select those that are high priority first quickly because they’re probably less likely than others to check for updates if you wait too long. For lower priority profiles it may make more sense just waiting a little bit longer before unfollowing (depending on how much extra effort would need put into managing their profile

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How do you stop someone following you on Twitter?

It’s not easy to get rid of pesky followers, but there are steps that can be taken. If an account is bothering you enough and it isn’t just a casual follower, then the first step should be blocking them! To block somebody who follows your Twitter profile:
1)Open up their recent Tweet in order to select Block when at the top right corner of any given tweet
2)Confirm this by selecting ‘Block’ again for safety measures before proceeding. Now they will no longer bother or follow us with messages as we move forward into our lives!

Can you have someone unfollow you without blocking them?

While blocking someone will cause them to unfollow, if your Twitter account is set to private, it can also remove followers.

How do you mass delete Twitter followers?

Twitter doesn’t offer a way to block multiple users at once, but luckily there’s plenty of workarounds. Find each user that should be deleted and add them into the list as follows:
1) Click on their profile page
2) Checkmark “Follow”
3) Uncheckmark “Following.” You can do this for ten people or 10 thousand – it makes no difference.

Can you make someone unfollow you?

Remove them as a follower and they will be gone in one swipe.
The best way to get rid of followers you don’t want is by removing them altogether. You can do this easily with the simple removal method which allows for an easy single tap or click! It’s that simple, so go ahead and try it out now – we bet your unwanted list-mates won’t mind at all 😉

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What happens when you mute someone on Twitter?

Mute is a feature that allow you to remove an account’s tweet from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking the person. Muted people will not know they have been muted, and if at any time want their tweets back on your timeline just unmute them!