DMs on Twitter are one of the most sought-after features. They allow you to message someone privately, and it’s a great way to get someone’s attention if they don’t follow you back. But not everyone can send DMs – there are strict rules about who can DM other people on Twitter.

We are thrilled to announce that as of today, anyone can send us a message. Now you don’t have to follow someone before they’ll accept your DM; we’re making it easy for all our followers and new supporters alike!

Other questions about Twitter DMs you can find below:

Why can’t you send a DM to someone on twitter?

Twitter has a limit of 1000 Direct Messages per day, so once you reach this number- it’s game over. If you’re sending messages to people who don’t follow you back then check your phone for verification!

Why is there a DM limit on twitter?

People who send their DMs using text messages will still have the limit, since it is imposed by networks rather than Twitter itself. The limitation of texts was how Twitter’s limitations came into place so that people could send their updates before the proliferation of smartphones.

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Can you direct message on Twitter without them following you?

Whether or not your twitter counterpart follows you, there are still ways to send private messages. You can start a one-on-one conversation with anyone who is following you by clicking on the “Start Private Conversation” button in their profile and choosing which message type (text, picture/video) that best suits your needs. Alternatively if someone has previously sent me a direct message I have opted into receiving them from everyone; all I need do is click next to it when they come up as an option for sending another Direct Message

How long is DM limit?

The DM limit is 1,000 messages per day. If you are sending out too many DMs each day, we will suspend your account and when the suspension expires (24 hours) you may try again to send as many Direct Messages as desired with no further limitations at that time.
Tweets can be sent up to 2,400 a 24-hour period or 100 an hour – whichever comes first! Retweets count towards this daily tweet limitation of 2400 tweets per 24-hours

How many DMs can you send a day?

You may be wondering how many DMs you can send in a day. There is no limit publicly known, but there are limits on the number of actions per hour and days. You would need to us some clever nested spintax as well as an account that has done much action if you wanted 1,000s each for your DM’s today!

Do Twitter DMs get deleted?

Twitter lets senders delete their DM messages, but the messages are only deleted from their end and not the recipient’s (and vice versa). “DMs are never ‘deleted’—rather only withheld from appearing in the UI,” Saini said on Twitter after TechCrunch published a story.

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How do you send a DM to multiple followers?

To send direct messages on Twitter
1) You can simply click “+” at the top right.
2) Now, search from your list of followers and either write one personal or group DM to multiple people. The message will only show up for those who received it (think of it as sending an email)!

Can you DM celebrities on Twitter?

Meet the latest update that will make it easier than ever to talk with your favorite celebs!
Twitter recently announced a major change to their DM system. From today, you’ll be able to send and receive private messages from anyone – whether they follow you or not. The new feature is now available on both iPhone and Android phones so let’s take a look at what this means for our Twitter experience…